Halloween on Valentine’s Day?


Halloween in February? Originally, this episode was supposed to air around the time of Halloween so we are treated to a Halloween on Valentine’s Day. Another Halloween episode, but personally, this one fell short. This week in “Paranormal Parentage”, the Greendale Seven find themselves at Hawthorne Manor trying to get Pierce out of his panic room. As Jeff puts it, “What in Scooby Doo is happening?”

 The group is separated into three pairs and as they search for the code to unlock the panic room, they encounter various horrors found in scary movies. For example, flickering light bulbs, hands coming out of walls, creepy portraits, shadow figures and death. However, Britta is too busy trying to diagnose Jeff’s daddy issues, Annie can’t seem to find Abed and Troy finds an “indoor swing” with Shirley. Eventually, Pierce gets them all into the panic room to confess that he actually planned the whole “haunted mansion”. One of the few unpredictable moments in the episode was the appearance of Gilbert, (Pierce’s half brother, played by Giancarlo Esposito) who has secretly been living with Pierce.

 Maybe it’s because there has been a Halloween episode every season, but the jokes lacked originality and I felt like I heard them all before. Yes Britta, we know you want to be a psychiatrist and that Jeff has daddy issues so try to be more creative on how you approach it. Same goes with Pierce always feeling like the odd man out- he literally was all alone in the panic room. A few things I actually did enjoy were Britta dancing and running in a ham costume, Troy swinging on Pierce’s sex swing and having no idea what its real use was. And on a more sensitive note, when Jeff looks into his boxing gloves and we see they belonged to his father and he decides to call him. I hope this lack of funniness isn’t because Dan Harmon is gone since I really do believe Community is a great show and deserves to be on the air. Please let next week’s episode be better, cool, cool, cool.

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Silver Linings Playbook


Finally got around to seeing Silver Linings Playbook and all I want to do is watch it again. Both Jennifer and Bradley’s performances were captivating and the storyline necessary. During a time when mental disorders are “frowned upon” or pushed to the side, it shows that it does get better. It sends a great message that if you surround yourself with positivity, only positivity can rub off on you. Find something you love and go after it and with those things, you find a silver lining.

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